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Customer Corner: Maximizing the Benefit of the Guide to Guest Services™

April 3rd, 2018 by Guest Communications


The Guide to Guest Services is a great in-room resource for your patients and their family members. It is designed to save your facility a lot of money, reduce common calls to nurses for basic questions, and to provide easy education to patients and visitors, which often times improves survey scores.

As with any informational piece, to maximize the use of the guide you want to make sure patients see it as a point of reference. Doing so starts with training staff members. Some of the most successful tips facilities have offered include:

Introduce the guide at the point of admission.

As patients are being admitting ensure that the guides are being introduced to them. Show them the guide. Let them know what type of information can be found in the guide and where the guide is located in each room.

Keep the guide in a visible location in the room.

The wall mounting bracket that we provide as an accessory to the guide allows it to be placed on the wall in the room. This makes it easy to spot for anyone in the room. Guides that are stored in drawers or cabinets, where they are not easily spotted, will be used less frequently.

Encourage nurses to reference the guide when answering questions.

When the patient is being settled into their room, encourage the first staff member in the room to mention the guide and show the patient (and their family) where the guide is located. Even better – set the guide on the table for easy access.

When the patient or a family member calls nursing with a question that can be answered by referencing the guide, encourage staff members to pull the guide out and show them the answer, as they are telling them the answer.

Keep the guide up-to-date.

When information in the guide becomes outdated staff members will stop referencing the book, which in time will result in fewer patients using it as a resource. We recommend checking the book at least every 6 months to ensure that the contents are up-to-date. If you don’t have a physical copy of the book, contact me. I can provide you with a copy of the contents via email.

If you are not currently using our Guide to Guest Services™ and would like a free sample, please email us at  or call me at 800-637-8525.

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