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Customer Corner: The Guide to Guest Services™ – Saving You Money & Representing You Well

August 7th, 2018 by Guest Communications

What are you currently using for your patient and visitor communications? Most facilities are using some type of patient and visitor guide – typically a staple bound booklet that is costing a few dollars each, or more. Typically that piece is not being read – instead general questions are being answered by your guests hitting the “call nurse” button. Typically that piece cannot be updated, meaning that when something changes you either have to throw away these expensive pieces and have them reprinted, or you have to live with information that is not out of date. 

I’d like to invite you to email me for a free sample of our solution to these problems – the Guide to Guest Services™. We have been partnering with facilities across the country for more than 30 years creating custom, in-room information directories. Not only does the Guide to Guest Services perfectly represent your brand, it can save you a bundle!

Consider this true-life example. We are currently working with a facility that was printing a basic patient and visitor packet that included a folder and a series of printed pages and brochures. The total cost for the piece was almost $3.00 each, and each patient got a folder. This facility was struggling to find ways to reduce the cost of the piece while still ensuring it reinforced the facility brand.

The Guide to Guest Services was a nicer presentation. As an in-room piece it ensured that patients (and their families) had access to the information no matter where they were at, regardless of room transfers. The guide that we designed for them includes both English and Spanish content, and reinforces their brand throughout. The total price – fully delivered and including the mounts to hang the guide on the wall – came out to less than 50 cents per patient. This equates to a savings of over $110,000 in the first 5 years they have the guides in place! That’s over $20,000 each year.

I would love to talk to you about how much you are currently spending on patient and visitor materials and see how much we can save you. We can send you a free sample of the Guide to Guest Services, as well as a custom proposal and savings analysis for your facility. For more information please email me or give me a call at 800-637-8525.

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