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Small Things Can Make a Huge Difference When It Comes to Infection Control

August 3rd, 2011 by Guest Communications

We have all seen it: The man sitting on the subway coughing without covering his mouth, or the woman who sneezes midway through lunch, never thinking to cover the sneeze. Employees go to work sick all the time, exposing those around them to their illness. Some people will use a restroom facility and walk right back out without washing their hands. In both healthcare and school settings, the small things make a big difference.

For hospitals the danger is obvious. The last thing anyone wants to do is expose someone with an already weakened immune system to infection. Practice the proper infection control techniques until they become habits.

In schools the opportunity exists to teach children, from an early age, how to prevent the spread of germs and why it is important. Teachers and staff should practice the proper infection control techniques and teach through good examples.

The Joint Commission provides free, printable brochures and posters for hospitals addressing “The 5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Infection.” Check out the poster through this link (click download button at bottom of screen):

Some of the topics shared in the Joint Commission’s poster are incredibly simple and apply to everyone.

1. Clean your hands – The poster provides proper hand washing techniques and instruction on when hands should be washed.

2. Cover your mouth and nose – When you cough or sneeze germs can travel 3 feet or more! The poster educates everyone on the proper technique for covering their mouth when sneezing or coughing.

3. If you are sick, stay home – This is a simple but a good reminder for everyone.

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