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Customer Testimonials - Emergency Preparedness

Our clients have great things to say about their experience with ordering emergency preparedness products from GCC.

Emergency Preparedness Guides for Hospitals & Healthcare

Reviewed on May-13 "The Emergency Preparedness Guides are a big success!  As luck would have it, we had our Joint Commission survey a couple of weeks ago and were able to show off our Emergency Preparedness Guides to our Life Safety surveyor.  During the survey, I believe the Guides  gave our staff an additional level of confidence for questions relating to our EOP, policies, responses, etc."  - Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD

Reviewed on Mar-13 "We have been using Guide to Emergency Preparedness™ since 2006. Our Emergency Flipcharts have become an integral part of our facility’s emergency response procedures. While these flipcharts do not replace written policies, they do provide staff with a mechanism to quickly obtain essential information during a drill or actual emergency event. We use the wall mounts and have the guides placed strategically throughout the facility. They are right there and the staff loves them and uses them. The operators love the guides also because they are not inundated with calls from staff members asking what to do. The staff at GCC is friendly and very easy to work with. I would, and have, recommend GCC and the Guide to Emergency Preparedness™ to others."  - Baton Rouge General Medical Center in Baton Rouge, LA

Reviewed on Oct-12 "Everyone (at GCC) was extremely helpful and friendly, and worked with us to complete the project in a relatively short period of time. Our initial contact person explained the process and sent me the necessary materials to get started. They provided a template that had most of the information we needed for our practices and all we had to do was edit it, which saved us significant time and effort. They helped us through the actual printing process, right down to choosing colors (we chose red) and icons to be placed on the covers. Once all the foot work was done the actual plans were completed, they sent our guides in a timely manner. The guides are proudly displayed in our practices and rehabilitation sites. We are extremely satisfied and very proud of them and are looking forward to impressing our Joint Commission surveyors when they come to survey us. We would recommend GCC without hesitation!"  - Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin, VT

Reviewed on Jul-12 "The Joint Commission showed up the week after we received the guides. The surveyor commented that all the staff he questioned immediately pointed to a wall with a guide on it and said "I'd look there" each time he asked a question about a response or procedure. The survey went extremely well, with no recommendations or citations from any surveyor on any Emergency Management, Environment of Care or Life Safety standard. The guides went a long way toward addressing the staff education piece of many of these requirements; the ideal reference tool."  - Muskogee Regional Medical Center in Muskogoee, OK

Reviewed on Jul-12 "Our project involved updating our Emergency Flip Guide which included budget constraints, obtaining sample boards and color swatches. As I was juggling several projects at the same time; I found the effective communication and follow-up extremely valuable. GCC offered viable options as needed and importantly, provided consistent follow-up to see the project through in a timely manner. I would use GCC again and have no hesitation in recommending this company and their services to other organizations. They are professional, efficient and knowledgeable."  - Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA

Reviewed on Mar-12 "We have been completely satisfied working with GCC in the development of our Emergency Preparedness Procedures guide.  Their customer service is just right – checked back with us without making us feel pressured – and working with them on the various drafts was seamless.  The finished product was exactly what we wanted.  Recommendation:  4-star!"  - Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services/The Woods Manufactured Home Community in Little River, CA

Reviewed on Feb-12 "I did not like our guides…..I loved them! We have had so many positive responses by all departments on how great they look and how they stand out. They look great! We installed them hospital-wide the week after we received them; therefore, every department/nursing unit is now equipped with at least one of these bad boys. Thanks for your hard-work!"  - Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, TX

Reviewed on Jan-12 "We just finished inservicing 2000 of our Hospital staff on our new Emergency Preparedness Guides and staff absolutely loved them! The overwhelming response was, "Oh wow, these are cool"! They liked how we customized them for our facility which will make them very useful. The guides mounted easily on the walls and are easy to find, and once you open it, the color tabs make it easy to find what you are looking for...Thank you very much for everything."  - Kaiser Permanente - Sacramento Medical Center in Sacramento, CA

Reviewed on Jul-11 "Simple, efficient, comprehensive, and superior way to relay the information you want to relay. With superior customer service and coordination by GCC representatives, the process was smooth and flawless. I had absolute control over the end product and got exactly what I wanted for a cost I could afford. There is not a better way to relay emergency information out there."  - Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation in Dillingham, AK

Reviewed on Jun-11 "Since the inception of the Quick Reference Guides, our staff can quickly access critical information needed for an incident such as hazardous spill, fire, utility outage. The guides have been placed throughout the hospital to ensure that every unit and office have it at their immediate disposal. I have received a lot of positive feedback on the user friendliness of this guide. Partnering with GCC to put this together was a great success for our organization!"  - Botsford General Hospital in Farmington Hills, MI 

Reviewed on May-11 "Jefferson Memorial Hospital did receive the shipment of Emergency preparedness guides and their holders. We are extremely happy with the guide's attractiveness and functionality.  We would like to extend our gratitude to you for helping us navigate through this entire process. I would be happy to share our experiences with any of your new potential clients. "  - Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Ranson, WV

Reviewed on Jun-08 "We love the emergency quick reference guides. This book has made it easier for staff to be able to find information when needed in an emergency.  These guides were instrumental to staff when the Joint Commission came in for their inspection this year! "  - Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, PA

Reviewed on Feb-08 "Everyone really loves the emergency guides. We had a tornado watch last week and I saw everyone pulling them out to read!! "  - Upson Regional Medical Center in Thomaston, GA 

Emergency Preparedness Guides for Schools & Universities

Reviewed on May-13 "The emergency guides are great! We have had other schools come to us to look at our whole emergency readiness program-and of course we always share the flip charts!!"  - Porter Consolidated Schools, Porter, OK

Reviewed on Nov-12 "The emergency guides are great! We have been delighted with them, and have found them to be both simple and give us great flexibility with our crisis management system."  - Asheville Chirstian Academy, Swannanoa, NC

Reviewed on Sep-12 "It was such a pleasure working with the GCC team. Their professionalism and attention to detail stood out as we worked closely to create a personalized guest guide for the patients. For our hospital facility, it was especially important to have a product that would not only be easy to navigate but also easy to clean...and what we received far exceeded our expectations."  - Clark Fork Valley Hospital, Plains, MT

Reviewed on Sep-12 "Everyone here at Copper River School District is impressed with the GCC Emergency Preparedness Guides. They are professional, sturdy, informative and used in all critical incident drills. GCC worked hard every step of the way to make sure the guides were tailored to our specific district needs. GCC will take your districts Emergency Preparedness seriously!"  - Copper River School District, Glennallen, AK

Reviewed on Aug-12 "Working with GCC to publish our Emergency Procedures Guide was a great experience. They have a stellar team who are both responsive and professional and they worked together to help us meet an extremely tight deadline. Their process is easy to follow and the final product is high quality, sustainable, and very useful for our students, employees, and guests to our campus."  - Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA

Reviewed on Nov-11 "We are still using the emergency guides (published in 2009) and they've been great for our teachers to have in their classrooms. Hopefully, it's the kind of thing we'll never need!"  - Lancaster High School - Lancaster, SC

Reviewed on Nov-11 "The introduction of the Emergency Preparedness Guides, designed by GCC, to the staff and faculty of the university has brought to life the Emergency Preparedness Program on campus. Instead of a 3-ring binder that sits on a shelf and gathers dust the vibrant colors of the binder and its well-illustrated pages, bring emergency preparedness to life. Having the guides on the wall in each department shows as a visual the commitment to preparedness the university has taken to be best prepared for an event. Directors and mangers like the guide as a training tool for new staff or staff transferring into their department. It has been a huge hit."  - Vanguard University of Southern CA

Reviewed on Sep-11 "We are very pleased with the guides you supplied for us. They are well made and have provided a excellent way to remind students and teachers what actions to take in an emergency. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a classroom guide for emergency instructions. "  - Winnebago County Unit School District #323

Reviewed on Sep-11 "This is the second time we've worked with GCC to produce/update Emergency Plans for our school district. Both times, the plans turned out perfect! They are visually appealing and are set up in a way that it is super easy to find whatever information is needed. We continually get compliments from our emergency service partners about how easy they are to use. Not only do all our public schools in Lincoln County use them, now all the private schools do, too.

Your customer service department is superb. They are always there whenever I need them - and always friendly and helpful. The design department is AMAZING! I truly haven't worked with a more responsive, professional, and helpful department in my life. I know you do business with a lot of people, but they make me feel like I am their only customer.

I'm not sure how you can produce such a high quality product, with excellent customer service and a really low price and stay in business. But, I'm grateful that you do.

I just want to say "thank you" for being such an awesome partner in improving safety in our schools. "  - Lincoln County School District in Newport, OR 

Reviewed on Aug-11 "The guides have been extremely beneficial to unite the over 4000 classrooms of the district to a common practice of how to conduct ourselves in the event of an emergency. Campus personal no longer have to try to figure out what to do, or how to react, the desired action is clearly spelled out in the classroom guide. This District spans 127 sq miles, and included all of part of 12 cities--consistency  in practice is always an issue.  The Guides have really helped in that area. GCC has been a great resource to help us customize a product that really fits our needs--they are responsive and professional in all they do. "  - Lewisville ISD, Lewisville, TX

Reviewed on Nov-07 "I have received only positive remarks from teachers, principals, and district level people regarding our new emergency flip charts.  Everyone thinks they are wonderful, and a vast improvement over what we had used in the past. I did have a close call this summer though.  We received the flip charts just a few days before our principals left for summer vacation.  I was able to distribute the books to a few schools, but 90% of the books had to be stored in our basement for the remainder of the summer. We had a really bad rain storm one night and our basement flooded.  I was busy with our huge Back-to-School Showcase (approximately 18,000 people attended) and quite frankly, didn't even think about the flip charts.  

Several weeks later, as the principals returned to school, I asked our custodian to begin bringing the boxes upstairs so I could distribute the books.  To my horror, a good many of the boxes were wet, moldy  and sagging!  I began opening the boxes - blood pressure no doubt sky-high and on the verge of having a stroke or heart attack or some major collapse - and found that though the coveres of the flip charts at the bottom of each box were still wet, the contents were unhurt!!!  The covers were not even warped from being wet at least a month!  Amazing! So, if these wonderful books can stand up to a flood and REMAINING wet for weeks, they can probably withstand about anything!"  - Ho-Ho-Kus Public Schools in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 

Reviewed on Oct-07 "The flip charts have been very well received.  Teachers see how easy the steps are and how convenient the book and go bag are."  - Grosse Ile Township Schools in Grosse Iie, MI 

Emergency Preparedness Guides for Industrial Organizations

Reviewed on 18-Jan-10 "My company CMC Impact Metals uses GCC Flip Charts for all 3 of my locations for emergency response procedures.  The charts make it easy for my employees to respond to any situation within seconds.  The charts are so great that my corporate company Commercial Metals Company other locations have adopted using Guest Communication flip charts."  - CMC Impact Metals in Eastover, SC 

Emergency Preparedness Guides for Municipality and County Organizations

Reviewed on May-12 "We have received our Guides and are very happy with them. Thanks so much for pushing our project through so that we could meet our timelines. It was a pleasure working with you all."  - City of Corona - Fire Department, Corona, CA

Reviewed on Mar-12 "I am very pleased with your product as it helps keep emergency procedures simple and easy to use."  - Sleepy Hollow State Park, Laingsburg, MI

Reviewed on Feb-12 "From the conception of this project we couldn't have been happier! The personal attention you all gave us, the project coordinator and even the help with reorders - the whole company was professional and understanding. It was more like dealing with a neighbor. You all really looked out for us and help produce a product that was well received by the Public. Plus, seriously envied by other jurisdictions! Just look at how many have asked for them since! I will recommend you all every chance I get!"  - Kent County Office of Emergency Services, Chestertown, MA

Reviewed on Nov-11 "The flip chart Emergency Preparedness manual is working out very well.  All of the necessary information is now readily available to those who need it during an emergency.  Our manuals are the envy of many."  - Massena Police Department, Massena, NY

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