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FAQs - The Guide to Emergency Preparedness™

Below you will find subject matter explanations as well as some of the most frequently asked questions about our emergency preparedness guides.

How many Guides do we want for our organization?

Because the Guide is designed to be readily available as a quick reference for your staff, you will want to place them throughout your building(s). You will want to carefully consider the number of Guides you plan to order to take advantage of the volume-based pricing structure.

In the healthcare industry many facilities opt to have at least one copy of the Guide mounted in each department, and to have extra copies on hand for large departments. The Human Resources department will often use the Guides for new employee orientation, so they may want extra copies.

Many school districts have two versions of the Guide in place. One is tailored to the educator and the other is more detailed for administrative use. Most often the educator's Guides are assigned to staff members at the beginning of the school year. Some districts choose to assign and place the Guide in each room, in a designated location. The administrative Guides are often distributed to superintendents, principals, assistant principals, nurses, counselors and other appropriate administrative staff.

Most districts provide copies of the Guides to school board members and first responders. A few extra Guides are often kept in the school office to review with substitute educators and to use as training Guides when new staff members are in the building.

How do we put our Guide to Emergency Preparedness™ together?

Upon your decision to create the Guide for your organization, you will receive preproduction materials to assist you. We will send you an electronic text file that will serve as a starting point for compiling your text. When you send us your text file and logo or artwork, our graphics team will lay out the card set and cover. You will be provided with proofs of the text and cover for your approval prior to production. You won’t need to spend any time formatting the text or designing the cover. Design and format assistance are included in the cost of the Guide.

What is the turnaround time?

Upon your approval of the cover and card set proofs, we will produce your Guides and they will arrive to you within four to six weeks. You will receive a product that is fully assembled and ready to put into service the moment it arrives. It is a good idea to request the wall mounts to arrive before the Guides so they can be installed in advance. If you have a target date or a deadline, please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate your need.

Who maintains the computer file for changes?

We will keep your text in our computer archives. When the Guide needs to be updated, we can provide the finished file back to you if desired so that you may make changes. However, if your changes are simple it may be easier to simply mark your changes on the card(s) and fax them to us. We will create proofs incorporating the changes before printing the revised card(s). We support you in doing what works best for your organization.

Printable Versions of our FAQs:
Hospitals & Healthcare .pdf version | Schools & Universities .pdf version | Industrial Organizations .pdf version

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