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The Guide to Guest Services™

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The Guide to Guest Services™ is a completely customized information directory for hospitals and the healthcare industry. When patients and visitors open your hospital patient guide, they can quickly locate the topic they are looking for. The patient guide reduces the number of calls to nurses, saving valuable staff time. It is also a single source to highlight all the information your patients and visitors will need during their stay.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this product is its cost when compared to other means of providing guest information. Since the Guide is not disposable and may be easily updated, it has a useful life of many years. Its price is far below that of alternative printed information booklets of the past. Most facilities see a 50-75 percent savings in the first three years.

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Plain Language Guarantee
  • Completely customized for your facility so your patients are informed
  • Tiered information cards to easily locate information
  • Bold titles at the bottom of each card to draw attention to various topics
  • The patient guide is easily updated because the guide is designed with clear polypropylene pockets
  • Meet compliance standards when subjected to surveys or inspections
  • Built to last for years so you don’t have to produce your patient guides yearly
  • Eco friendly as you’ll no longer need to dispose of paper pieces

How to get started?

The Guide to Guest Services™ is a completely customized information directory for your patients and visitors

Working closely with you, our team of graphics coordinators will design the patient guide, organize and typeset the copy, and provide proofs for your approval at every step. We'll handle everything and deliver a finished product that is ready to put into service. It's that easy and always backed by our Plain Language Guarantee.

The wall mount accessory ensures that the guide is readily available to your patients and their visitors.

Guide to Guest Services
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