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Guide to Infection Control Large Polyboard Guide
Guide to Infection Control Large Polyboard Guide

The Guide to Infection Control™ is a quick reference guide that helps keep your staff informed of your organization's infection prevention and control policies and procedures.

With a polyboard cover the guide can be placed in more strenuous environments and exposed to temperature extremes. The polyboard cover is perfect for guides that will be used in non-climate controlled areas, or that will be traveling with someone.

Because it is completely customized, the Guide to Infection Control™ allows you to convey information specific to your safety policies and emergency procedures. The Guide's unique appearance will insure employees and staff have no trouble locating the Guide in urgent situations.

The Guide is cost effective because it is inexpensive to update, built to last for years, and it saves you time. You can be assured that the proper information is always available to all who need it.

Please view our FAQ's for more information.

The guide is customized to suit your specific needs. It is not an off-the-shelf product. The unique format provides you with unlimited possibilities for providing critical information specific to your organization's infection control policies and procedures.

The Guide can address your staff's Frequently Asked Questions. The guide is a one-stop reference book for information including isolation requirements and procedures, work restrictions for employees with infectious diseases, visitation limitation requirements for patients in ICU or with specific needs, and when to call the Infection Control Practitioner.

The Guide is easy to update, making it very cost effective. Because the information cards are in clear polypropylene pockets, you can easily and inexpensively update information as it changes. You will never have to throw away an outdated wall chart or laminated display again. Just reprint and replace the individual cards as needed, and your Guides will always be up-to-date.

The Guides are a readily recognized reference. When used with our Wall Mount accessory, the Guide will be there when needed. With consistent, conspicuous placement and its unique design, the Guide will be quickly recognized throughout your facility.

The Guide provides effective communication. The Guide's distinctive design contains tiered information cards, which allow readers to quickly find the information they are looking for. Bold titles at the bottom of each card draw attention to important topics at a glance. There is no time wasted looking for the desired information or a specific phone number.

The Guide offers versatility. The total printing surface is much greater than that of a large booklet. Larger type may be used to improve readability. Charts and illustrations can offer more detail.

Cover Specifications:
  • Closed size: 12" high by 9" wide, not including hanging tab
  • Cover & Tab Material: Polyboard, .035" thick.
  • Hanging Tab Dimensions: 8-5/8" wide by 2-1/4" high
Cover Design and Printing Options:
  • One or multi-color silk-screen printing allowed on the interior and exterior of covers. Non-soluble, heat sealable, opaque ink. Adhesion suitable for application to polyboard. Ink shall not be affected by biodegradable cleaning solutions nor abraded in normal use.
  • Polyboard Color Choices:
    • Red, Yellow, White, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Orange
  • Ink Color Choices:
    • White, Black, Red, Blue
Pocket Set Options:
  • Standard configuration for tiered pocket sets:
    • 12, 14 pockets, uniformly tiered in 5/8" increments
    • 16, 18 or 20 pockets, uniformly tiered in 3/8" increments
    • Custom pocket set configurations can be accommodate.
2 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5

Guest Communications provides an excellent product.
Heart Hospital of Lafayette, LA 08/01/2011
Guest Communications provides an excellent product in an exceptional amount of time! We couldn't be more pleased!

Outstanding service during the development and production of our Infection Control Quick Reference Guide.
Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 07/01/2011
I am writing to thank Guest Communications for your outstanding service during the development and production of our Infection Control Quick Reference Guide. The guide was extremely well received by our staff. Everyone from physicians and nurses to housekeepers and food service workers has been praising it as the best tool they have ever seen. The guide enabled us to provide vital information to our staff in a visually appealing and easy to use format. The customer service at Guest Communications was better than excellent. The entire development process was smooth. Your design team was efficient and responsive to our every need. When we ran into an unexpected time crunch your staff made the impossible happen delivering our product well ahead of the agreed upon schedule and helping us to meet our deadline. We appreciate your impeccable customer service and will continue to recommend Guest Communications to our peers.



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Custom Guide To Infection Control Large Polyboard Guide Examples

  • Memorial Regional Childrens HospitalMemorial Regional Childrens Hospital

"Everyone from physicians and nurses to housekeepers and food service workers has been praising it as the best tool they have ever seen."
- Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, CA

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